On June 18, 1855, the Cologne businessman Peter Heinrich Krücken was granted permission by the Royal District Administrator and Police Director of the City of Cologne to open an agency business in grain and flour.
The business has been running under his name for 166 years and has been expanded over the years. Thus grain and flour were extended to include seeds and animal feed. Nowadays consumer goods as well as spices under the brand Sonnengold Gewürze are part of the product range and in 2020 also hygienic products have found their way into the traded products.




inseed brown/yellow, rape seed and cardissaat

Consumer goods/spices

saffron powder and threads as well as vanilla and oat flakes, oatmeal for export

Feeding stuff

Cardisaat, mill by-products, millet, vetches, peas, lupines, linseed expeller, rape expeller, rye meal, molasses pulp, DDGS

Hygiene products

Hygiene wipes, detergents, bandages, hygiene articles for the child, for industry and medical supplies

Video to the companys anniversary